About Burnelee

Get back to nature on Horseback

Burnelee Excursions on Horseback is the ideal place to escape and reconnect with nature on Horseback.

Horses are available for all levels of rider, including beginners, with each ride accompanied by  experienced lead riders. Bush ride experiences are two-hour rides, available on Saturdays. We also host special events throughout the year, please visit our What’s On page for details.

Burnelee is a working property on the outskirts of Canberra, covering 3500 acres of natural bushland and open grazing land. What makes Burnelee unique is the inclusion of Picaree Hill, an 1000 acre patch of remnant and regenerating vegetation, an important biodiversity hub for the region.

Picaree Hill is one of the largest areas of remnant vegetation on freehold land in the district, representing a range of vegetation community types providing habitat for a variety of wildlife. There are many plant and animal species of declining or threatened population represented on Picaree Hill, and the land is managed with a view to saving these species.

Burnelee has been managed by the same family for over four generations, and therefore we have a very close relationship with the land. We work hard to protect and enhance the natural environment, and love being able to showcase this work to others as an example of how productive agriculture can work hand-in-hand with environmental stewardship.

Experiencing Burnelee on horseback provides a different perspective of the Australian bushland, as well as agricultural production. We cater for all levels of riding experience including beginners and have a range of rides and events to choose from.

Finding Burnelee

Burnelee is about 35 minutes from the centre of Canberra, on Dicks Creek Road, Murrumbateman.

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